План – конспект урока «Великобритания» в 6 классе

План – конспект

урока «Великобритания» в 6 классе.

Цели урока:

  1. Развитие навыков устной речи по теме «Погода».

  2. Развитие навыков диалогической речи:Погода.

  3. Развитие навыков аудирования:Professor Carter.

  4. Контроль навыков монологической речи по теме: Великобритания.


Магнитофон, кассета, картинки, раздаточный материал.


  1. The 14th of December.

  2. Тема: The UK and its people.

  3. «A funny Professor». Pr. Carter.

to knock at

- стучать в …

a host

- хозяйка (дома)

a hostess

- хозяйка


- пижама


  1. НАЧАЛО УРОКА: Организационный момент.

1. What date is it today?

2. What day is it today?

3. Who is absent from the lesson?

2. РЕЧЕВАЯ РАЗМИНКА. Развитие навыков устной речи по теме «Погода»:

1. What season is it now?

2. What month is it?

3. How many days has December got?

4. Is the weather nice or bad today?

5. It is frosty?

6. What is the temperature?

7. Is it cloudy? What colour is the sky?

8. Is it snowing (raining)?

9 Is the sun shining?

10. Is it windy, wet?

11. What is there on the ground?

12. Do you like the weather today?

Do you really like it?

Why do you like it?

By the way What is the flower of December? What colour is the holly? What does it produce for Christmas season? Have you ever seen the holly?


I hope you remember our dialogue about the weather. Let us review it. Repeat after me. (p. 154. ex.6.)

-Well done. P.1 and P.2act it out!

-Now I would like you to make up your own dialogues about the weather. You you have got 3 min. of time to do it.( Учащиеся составляют диалоги по опорам.)

-You have done it very well, thank you, pupils.

4. РАЗВИТИЕ НАВЫКОВ АУДИРОВАНИЯ. Now you are going to listen to a story about Professor Carter and his friends.IN this story you will meet some words that are new to you. Look at the blackboard, repeat after me: to knock at, a host, a hostess, pyjamas.

-to knock at- to make noise by hitting smth.( Я постучал в дверь).

-a host/a hostess- a man/a woman who invite people to their house (Хозяин и хозяйка дома были приятные люди).

-pyjamas- a shirt and trousers that you wear in bed.(Мама купила мне новую пижаму).

-Well done. Listen to story and say what the weather was like that day.

( Учащиеся слушают историю и отвечают на вопрос.)

-You are right. The weather was windy and rainy.

-Listen to the story again to get more information, to answer the questions and to do the test. ( Учащиеся выполняют задания.)

5. РАБОТА С КАРТОЙ У ДОСКИ. Well, what do you think where the professor lived?

-You are right, he lived in G.B.

-Where is the UK situated?

-P1 go to the blackboard and show the British Isles(Ученик идет к доске и выполняет задание). Остальные уч-ся просят показать на карте части Британии их столицы.

-Thank you, you know the map well.

-Read the statements about the UK and say True or False and correct wrong ones.


-Your hometask was to speak about the UK and its people. Who would like to begin?

(Уч-ся выступают со своими сообщениями.)

-Very well. Your mark is…..


We will stop here and continue speaking about the climate, wildlife and emblems of the four countries of G.B. at our next lesson. You have worked very well today and got the following marks….. Your hometask is St.b. p.164 ex. 23, 25. The lesson is over. You are free. Good-bуe.



Professor Carter visited some friends on the other side of town. After a good dinner and a game of cards, he said, "I am going to walk home now.” But his hostess looked out of the window and said "The weather is very bad. It is cold and wet and windy. Please stay here tonight.” She went and made him a bed. After a few minutes, she came back to the living-room, but the professor was not there. She and her husband waited for half an hour, and then they went to bed. But then the professor knocked at the back door of the house. He was very wet. His host came to the door. "You are here!” he said happily. "Yes”, the professor answered. He smiled and said, "I went home and got my pyjamas.”

Answer the questions:

  1. Did Professor Carter have dinner with his friends?

  2. What did he say after the game of cards?

  3. What did his hostess anwer?

  4. Did she go and make him a bed?

  5. Where did she go after that?

  6. Was the professor there?

  7. Where did the professor go?

  8. Did he get his pyjamas from there?

Тест для слабоуспевающих учащихся

  1. Professor Carter visited…….a) his friends b) his parents

  2. They played……… a) tennis b) cards

  3. The weather was a) rainy b) sunny

  4. She came back and… a) saw b) did not see …the professor.

  5. The professor went home and got his….. a) books b)pyjamas.

Make up the dialogue

Card I

-1. Hello,… .

-3. am, I, fine.

are, and, how, you?

-5. Right, you, are.

but, is, sunny, the weather.

it, snowy, is, not.

I, winter, like.

-7. I , in winter, to skate, like, to ski, and.

-9. Good-bye.

Card II

-2. Hello,… .

are, you, how?

-4. not, fine, I, am.

The weather, today, is, good, not.

cold, is, it, and, windy.

-6. What, you, do, like, to do, winter, in?

-8. Bye, … .

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